DB2 restore with rollforward

I recently had a few problem trying to restore a DB2 online compressed backup from one AIX machine to another.

I thought it would have been a simple process as saying

which worked fine, Untill i tried to connect to the database. That is when i got the error

So i tried searching for a solution and tried everything i could.

To cut it short this is what i did to fix it.


  1. your fix helped me a lot. I was trying to restore the database in DB2 v 9.7 and I was getting similar errors and when I tried your solution it worked fine.


  2. can you help me?

    I have this problem but I have no logs, if I execute

    db2 “rollforward db mydb to end of logs and complete” I get

    SQL4970N Roll-forward recovery on database “MEDPREVD” cannot reach the specified stop point (end-of-log or point-in-time) on database partition(s)”0″. Roll-forward recovery processing has halted on log file “S0000884.LOG”.

    and db2 “rollforward db mydb stop” i get

    SQL1276N Database “MEDPREVD” cannot be brought out of rollforward pending state until roll-forward has passed a point in time greater than or equal to “2012-09-13- UTC”, because node “0” contains information later than the specified time.

    I didnt restore, just had this trouble


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